Committed to Your Success

FierroLS & Co., is a Service Connected Disabled U.S. Veteran & 

Minority Owned Business

SAM Cage: 4DNG8

DUNS: 623990426

Prepared - Capable - Ready

Research indicates practice of up to 10,000 hours to become proficient at a task or skill. FLS is dedicated to helping you prepare for the journey or accelerate your progress. That's why we offer BOTH a Satisfaction Guarantee AND option for free Refresher Training at future workshops! Add to these our One & Run guarantee, and you're certain to have a positive and professionally rewarding experience!

It Only Takes One

That's right!  Our "One & Run" policy is simple.  FLS & Co., will not cancel a class as long as there is one participant - that's one paid participant and we're running the class! For planning purposes, we require the participant be registered within 10 working days of the course start date. Otherwise, we'll keep you posted for our next offering and make sure you're enrolled!

How Refreshing

Oh how nice to be a life long learner but more importantly, applying what you know!  FLS & Co., knows how busy people can find themselves getting a little behind in using their training.  Sometimes, the training can get buried below the day-to-day demands of the often hurried life of the working professional.  That's why we offer the opportunity to attend as many scheduled FLS & Co., workshops of the same title throughout your professional life and LUNCH is on US!  This is limited to 5 previous attendees per session.  BUT, you can always contact us for guidance and support anytime!  Now that's refreshing, RIGHT!?!

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The Not-So-Small Print

Of the thousands of participants and their supervisors served, we are proud of the consistent high levels of satisfaction with FLS & Co. programs.  If for any reason you are not satisfied that you can apply the materials in the course, just let us know and we'll keep working with you until you can!